SHRM’s Veteran Commitment

SHRM’s Veteran Commitment
Our Culture
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We think we have a winning formula for the best employees in town. We hire talented professionals that are passionate about the work they do. We’re high-performers. We believe in balance. We think work should also be fun.

And that’s why we balance morning check-ins with an occasional evening happy hour. Meetings don’t have to happen in a conference room; we sometimes prefer Starbucks. Our executive team leads with transparency and conducts monthly meetings to keep staff abreast of organizational changes.

Although we have lunchrooms where employees can gather with friends or spend quiet time catching up on a favorite novel, many prefer the scenic beauty of our outdoor patio or a short walk to colonial Old Town Alexandria.

Your job may require you to interact with global partners, so you may just have to brush up on your foreign language skills. Many of our meetings require collaboration, so what you learned in your human behavior classes may be necessary to come to a win-win. Our members are counting on you to provide them with best practices, notable speakers and leading industry information, so come ready to put your best foot forward.